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3717 Portola Drive
Santa Cruz


Good Life Ceramics is a welcoming make-your-own ceramic art studio. Walk-in ceramic art projects and a full use studio for members.  Team building and private parties. Located in Santa Cruz, California. Pottery, clay, glaze, and memberships.

Membership Agreement

Good Life Ceramics, LLC

Membership Agreement

 Monthly Unlimited Hours  or  2 Month 20 Hour Limited

            •Members are required to use only clay purchased from GLC.

            •Members have full use of studio with the exception of the front walk-in table.

           •Members have use of the storage racks. Space limited to eight square feet. Top of racks is available on a first come first used basis.

           • GLC will have the prerogative to commingle walk-in and event projects with works fired for members.

            •Items over sixteen inches in height or needing more than one kiln shelf, will be fired if space is available and only when doing so will not interfere with the flow of other projects needing to be fired. Attempts will be made to fire large items.  Additional fees will be assessed and charged in advance on approved large projects.

            •Members will be provided with a locker. Storage lockers provided to store personal items, clay and other items related to projects made.

            •Hours of operation are posted and subject to change.  It is the goal of GLC to offer access to studio seven days per week.

            •If a scheduled workshop, private or corporate event requires GLC to close during open hours, attempts will be made to extended studio hours to accommodate members lost studio use time.

            •Members are expected to wrap up their work and all clean up prior to closing time. Delaying closure time may result in a fee of up to thirty dollars per hour.

            •Members will share all approved space in studio with fellow members as well as walk-in customers.

            •GLC will make attempts to control workspace load so all members will gain access to studio when desired.

            •Members are expected to keep their workspace clean and to use an appropriate amount of space sharing tables as they work.

            •Sanding of projects is not allowed in studio.

            •Members will clean the studio wet. No sweeping allowed.

            •Member’s friends and family are welcome in the studio but will give up space if needed to paying customers and members.  No sharing of clay or group projects allowed with non-paying visitors. Members may share their membership and clay while present in the studio with friends and family at a cost of $7.50 per hour. Discounts also extended to your guests purchasing walk-in projects while you are present in studio.

            •GLC may have private parties and corporate events.

            •GLC encourages members to make their art available for sale.

            •Production potting and building is not allowed by members in the studio. Accommodations may be extended to members with additional fees.

            •Members are required to clean up all equipment after each use, which includes bench tops, washbasins and storage cabinets.

            •Members will be held responsible for damage to facility or equipment if obvious negligence or improper use is the cause.

            •GLC is a communal space and equipment is available on a first come first served basis.  All members are expected to share space and equipment fairly as well as respectfully work side by side in a communal creative space.


*Monthly Term and Hourly Memberships renewable prior to expiration.

*Twenty Hour Membership expires 2 months from purchase date.







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